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Our people

Meet the dedicated team that makes our work possible.

Our board

Meet the board

The people behind the mission and vision of the organisation.

Anthony Aguirre

Executive Director and Board Secretary
Future of Life Institute

Jaan Tallinn

Co-founder, Skype

Max Tegmark

Future of Life Institute

Meia Chita-Tegmark

Board Treasurer
Future of Life Institute

Victoria Krakovna

Research Scientist, DeepMind

Our team

Meet our team

Our team represents a diverse range of expertise, having come from governance institutions, industry and academia, as well as a range of disciplines, including the behavioural sciences, medicine, machine learning, engineering, law and design.

Akhil Deo

Social Media Manager
Future of Life Institute

Andrea Berman

Grants Manager
Future of Life Institute

Anna Hehir

Program Manager for Autonomous Weapons Systems
Future of Life Institute

Anna Yelizarova

Special Projects Lead
Future of Life Institute

Ben Eisenpress

Director of Operations
Future of Life Institute

Carlos Ignacio Gutierrez

Policy Researcher
Future of Life Institute

David E. Nicholson

Manager, Future of Life Award
Future of Life Institute

Emilia Javorsky MD, MPH

Director of Multistakeholder Engagements
Future of Life Institute

Gus Docker

Podcast Host & Director
Future of Life Institute

Landon Klein

Director of U.S. Policy
Future of Life Institute

Mark Brakel

Director of Policy
Future of Life Institute

Richard Mallah

Technical AI Consultant
Future of Life Institute

Risto Uuk

Policy Researcher
Future of Life Institute

Taylor Jones

Website Manager, Consultant
Future of Life Institute

Will Jones

Editorial Manager
Future of Life Institute

External Input

Meet our external advisors

Input from our advisors helps to ensure that our approach to executing our mission is well-informed, strategic and adaptable.

Alan Alda

Actor, Writer, Director & Science Communicator

Alan Guth

Professor of Physics, MIT

Christof Koch

Chief Scientific Officer, Allen Institute for Brain Science

Elon Musk

Founder, SpaceX and Tesla Motors

Erik Brynjolfsson

Director, MIT Center for Digital Business, MIT

Francesca Rossi

IBM Research and University of Padova

Frank Wilczek

Professor of Physics, MIT

George Church

Professor of Genetics, Harvard University

Martin Rees

Astronomer Royal, Co-founder of the Centre for the Study of Existential Risk

Morgan Freeman

Actor, Director, Narrator & Science Communicator

Sandra Faber

Professor Emerita of Astronomy and Astrophysics, UC Santa Cruz

Saul Perlmutter

Professor of Physics, UC Berkeley

Stuart Russell

Professor of Computer Science, UC Berkeley

Other supporters

A special thanks to our supporters

Past Volunteers

In the past, we have had the support of a team of dedicated volunteers.
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AI Existential Safety Community

We are building a community of AI researchers who want AI to be safe, ethical and beneficial.
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Fellowship Winners 2022

These are the winners of our 2022 grant programs for research concerning the safe development and deployment of AI.
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