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A monthly update on transformative technology and extreme risks

Our newsletter brings subscribers the latest news on how emerging technologies are transforming our world - for better and worse.

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Our team also publishes a couple of issue-specific newsletters:

The Autonomous Weapons Newsletter

Stay up-to-date on the autonomous weapons space with a monthly newsletter covering policymaking efforts, weapons systems technology, and more.
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The EU AI Act Newsletter

Up-to-date developments and analyses of the proposed EU AI law – by Risto Uuk.
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What you can expect

At the end of every month, our 40,000+ subscribers can expect:

Our policy work

An update on FLI policy research, advocacy, and media output.

Policy developments

Significant governance and policy developments in the US, EU, and international institutions.

Latest research

The latest scientific and policy research related to our cause areas

Top resources

A list of articles, reports, and podcasts our researchers are reading

Data insights

Important data and visualisations about our cause areas.

Newsletter archive

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: California Pushes for AI Legislation

A look at SB 1047, new $50,000 Superintelligence Imagined contest, recommendations to the Senate AI Working Group, and more.
5 July, 2024

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: Notes on the AI Seoul Summit

Recapping the AI Seoul Summit, OpenAI news, updates on the EU's regulation of AI, new worldbuilding projects to explore, policy updates, and more.
31 May, 2024

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: Building Momentum on Autonomous Weapons

Summarizing recent updates on the push for autonomous weapons regulation, new polling on AI regulation, progress on banning deepfakes, policy updates from around the world, and more.
3 May, 2024

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: A pause didn’t happen. So what did?

Reflections on the one-year Pause Letter anniversary, the EU AI Act passes in EU Parliament, updates from our policy team, and more.
2 April, 2024

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: FLI x The Elders, and #BanDeepfakes

Former world leaders call for action on pressing global threats, launching the campaign to #BanDeepfakes, new funding opportunities from our Futures program, and more.
4 March, 2024

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: The Year of Fake

Deepfakes are dominating headlines - with much more disruption expected, the Doomsday Clock has been set for 2024, AI governance updates, and more.
2 February, 2024

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: Wrapping Up Our Biggest Year Yet

A provisional agreement is reached on the EU AI Act, highlights from the past year, and more.
22 December, 2023

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: Save the EU AI Act 🇪🇺

Defending the EU AI Act against Big Tech lobbying, the 2023 Future of Life Award winners, our new partnership on hardware-backed AI governance, and more.
4 December, 2023

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: Everyone’s (Finally) Talking About AI Safety

Updates on AI regulation, a historic UN resolution, our new open letter on AI licensing, examining the Terms of Use of leading AI labs, and more. Also, just two weeks left to apply for FLI PhD fellowships!
1 November, 2023

Future of Life Institute Newsletter: Our Pause Letter, Six Months Later

Reflections on the six-month anniversary of our open letter, our UK AI Safety Summit recommendations, and more.
1 October, 2023

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