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Future of Life Institute Podcast

Conversations with far-sighted thinkers.

Our namesake podcast series features the FLI team in conversation with prominent researchers, policy experts, philosophers, and a range of other influential thinkers.
Available on all major podcast platforms.
140+ episodes


Limited-series podcasts on pressing issues

Throughout the running history of our podcast we have produced a couple of special 'sequences', series of episodes focused on tackling a pressing issue in more detail. Below you can find the sequences we have produced so far:
29 episodes

AI Alignment Podcast

This podcast series covers and explores the AI alignment problem across a large variety of domains, reflecting the fundamentally interdisciplinary nature of AI alignment.
Running from 2018-2020.
27 episodes

Not Cool

Hear directly from scientists and experts on the causes and impacts of climate change and the action that's needed going forward.
Running from September - November 2019.
8 episodes

Imagine A World

Can you imagine a world in 2045 where we manage to avoid the climate crisis, major wars, and the potential harms of artificial intelligence?
Running from September - October 2023.
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Our work

Other projects in this area

We work on a range of projects across a few key areas. See some of our other projects in this area of work:

Educating about Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Military AI applications are rapidly expanding. We develop educational materials about how certain narrow classes of AI-powered weapons can harm national security and destabilize civilization, notably weapons where kill decisions are fully delegated to algorithms.

Worldbuilding Competition

The Future of Life Institute accepted entries from teams across the globe, to compete for a prize purse of up to $100,000 by designing visions of a plausible, aspirational future that includes strong artificial intelligence.

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