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AI Existential Safety Community

We are building a community of AI researchers who want AI to be safe, ethical, and beneficial.

On this page you'll find a growing group of AI researchers keen to ensure that AI remains safe and beneficial, even if it eventually supercedes human ability on essentially all tasks.

Faculty members

Click on a profile to view more information:

Alessandro Abate

University of Oxford

Anca Dragan

Associate Professor
UC Berkeley

Anqi Liu

Assistant Professor
Johns Hopkins University

Arnob Ghosh

Assistant Professor

Bart Selman

Cornell University

Brad Knox

Research Associate Professor
University of Texas at Austin

Clark Barrett

Professor (Research)
Stanford University

David Krueger

Assistant Professor
University of Cambridge

Dylan Hadfield-Menell

Assistant Professor
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Elad Hazan

Princeton University

Federico Faroldi

Professor of Ethics Law and AI
University of Pavia

Florian Tramer

Assistant Professor
ETH Zurich

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AI Researchers

Click on a profile to view more information:

Adrià Garriga Alonso

Redwood Research

Aidan Kierans

University of Connecticut

Aishwarya Gurung

University of Bath

Alan Chan

Mila, Université de Montréal

Alex Chan

University of Cambridge

Alex Turner

Oregon State University

Allan Suresh

National Institute of Technology Karnataka

Amir-Hossein Karimi

University of Waterloo

Andy Zou


Anna Katariina Wisakanto

Chalmers University

Annachiara Ruospo

Politecnico di Torino

Benjamin Smith

University of Oregon

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How to join

Join the community

Vitalik Buterin Fellowships

If you're considering applying for the Vitalik Buterin postdoctoral fellowships or PhD fellowships, please use this page as a resource for finding a faculty mentor. All awarded fellows receive automatic community membership.

AI Professors

If you're a professor interested in free funding for grad students or postdocs working on AI existential safety, you can apply for community membership here.

AI Researchers

If you're a researcher working on AI existential safety, you're also welcome to apply for membership here, to showcase your research areas, apply for travel support, and get invited to our workshops and networking events.

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