AI Policy – Agreement Between UAE and India

In July 2018, The UAE Minister for AI and Invest India signed a Memorandum of Understanding to establish a partnership between the two nations. The deal is expected to generate $20 billion in economic benefits over the next decade.

Three areas of focus for the partnership include open engagement, fostering innovative ecosystems, and looking to the future. The collaboration will begin by convening a UAE-India AI Working Committee between the UAE Ministry for Artificial Intelligence, Invest India, and Startup India.

The committee will meet annually and focus on increasing investment for AI start-ups and research activities together with industry partners, in order to support the development of new AI technologies and services. The committee will also monitor the AI landscape for technological and policy developments to help both nations maintain relevant regulatory frameworks and policies. Finally, the committee will share regulatory expertise to help AI start-ups integrate into each other’s jurisdictions, and develop the digital infrastructure to share datasets between their borders more easily.

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