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State of California Endorses Asilomar AI Principles

Click here to see this page in other languages:  Russian  On August 30, the State of California unanimously adopted legislation in support of the Future of Life Institute’s Asilomar AI Principles. The Asilomar AI Principles are a set of 23 principles intended to promote the safe and beneficial development of artificial intelligence. The principles – which include

2018 International AI Safety Grants Competition

For many years, artificial intelligence (AI) research has been appropriately focused on the challenge of making AI effective, with significant recent success, and great future promise. This recent success has raised an important question: how can we ensure that the growing power of AI is matched by the growing wisdom with which we manage it?

A Principled AI Discussion in Asilomar

The Asilomar Conference took place against a backdrop of growing interest from wider society in the potential of artificial intelligence (AI), and a sense that those playing a part in its development have a responsibility and opportunity to shape it for the best. The purpose of the Conference, which brought together leaders from academia and