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Life 3.0

Being Human in the Age of Artificial Intelligence

Max Tegmark
This New York Times bestseller tackles some of the biggest questions raised by the advent of artificial intelligence. Tegmark posits a future situation where artificial intelligence has surpassed our own — an era he terms “life 3.0” — and explores what this might mean for war, justice, the job market, and humanity’s own sense of self. Examining a range of possible future scenarios, Tegmark lays out what we can do in the present to ensure that humanity advances alongside our technology. “I think if we succeed in building machines that are smarter than us in all ways, it’s going to be either the best thing ever to happen to humanity or the worst thing,” says Tegmark. “I’m optimistic that we can create a great future with AI, but it’s not going to happen automatically. It’s going to require that we really think things through in advance, and really have this conversation now. That’s why I’ve written this book.”
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