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Strengthening the European Union AI Act

What is the EU AI Act?

The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Act is a draft European Union law on AI. The law assigns applications of AI to one of three risk categories (unacceptable, high and low risk), and regulates them accordingly.

Our policy team have set up a thematic website which includes the Act itself, analyses, and updates on the latest legislative developments. To learn more about the Act, please visit the site or sign up to our dedicated AI Act newsletter.

EU AI Act website

Everything you need to know about the EU AI Act in one place

The purpose of this website is to provide up-to-date developments and analyses of the proposed EU artificial intelligence law called the “AI Act”.
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Our position

You can download our position paper to read more about how we think the Act can be improved. Our position has been developed in close consultation with our network of leading AI researchers and think tanks, such as the Center for Human Compatible AI (CHAI).

Before the draft Act was published by the European Commission, FLI published this open letter from some of Europe’s leading AI researchers, and submitted feedback on the initial white paper.

Key documents

The FLI policy team studies particular issues in the AI Act and provides recommendations. You can access these papers below:

European Commission Manifesto

March 2024

FLI AI Liability Directive: Executive Summary

November 2023

FLI AI Liability Directive: Full Version

November 2023

FLI AI Act Trilogues

July 2023

Emerging Non-European Monopolies in the Global AI Market

November 2022

Civil society letter GPAIS October 2022

October 2022

A Proposal for a Definition of General Purpose Artificial Intelligence Systems

October 2022

General Purpose AI and the AI Act

May 2022

Lessons from the NIST AI RMF for the EU AI Act

April 2022

Manipulation and the AI Act

January 2022

FLI Position Paper on the EU AI Act

August 2021
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We work on a range of projects across a few key areas. See some of our other projects in this area of work:

Mitigating the Risks of AI Integration in Nuclear Launch

Avoiding nuclear war is in the national security interest of all nations. We pursue a range of initiatives to reduce this risk. Our current focus is on mitigating the emerging risk of AI integration into nuclear command, control and communication.

Educating about Lethal Autonomous Weapons

Military AI applications are rapidly expanding. We develop educational materials about how certain narrow classes of AI-powered weapons can harm national security and destabilize civilization, notably weapons where kill decisions are fully delegated to algorithms.
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