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Discussion About the Asilomar AI Principles

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The Asilomar principles

The Beneficial AI Conference 2017

Rules for Discussion

We want to encourage discussion of all principles, but please abide by the following rules to keep the discussion focused and friendly:

Users should adhere to a code of conduct in which the discussion remains civil, helpful, and constructive. Users should only post comments or questions that they would also make in person, in a professional public setting, such as a classroom or seminar hall.

Posts that do not contribute to constructive discussion will not be approved or will be removed. In particular, posts must be appropriate for an academic workplace; that is, comments should not contain language or content that is:

  • Rude or disrespectful;
  • Combative or overly aggressive;
  • Unpleasant or offensive by common workplace standards;
  • Targeted at individuals, rather than at arguments or ideas.

To enable useful discussions, posts should also not contain language or content that is:

  • Outside of the scope of the forum topic;
  • Overly repetitive, including comments repeated in multiple forums;
  • Incomprehensible or extremely lengthy;
  • Commercial in nature.

We will not accept comments that have promotions/links to personal blogs. We will not accept comments that do not address the topic of the post in a scientific and rational manner. We value a variety of opinions so please feel free to disagree, just do so politely.

Join a Discussion

This is a list of posts which provide more nuanced discussion of the Asilomar Principles:

AI Should Provide a Shared Benefit for as Many People as Possible

Research for Beneficial Artificial Intelligence

When Should Machines Make Decisions?

Artificial Intelligence: The Challenge to Keep It Safe

Can AI Remain Safe as Companies Race to Develop It?

Safe Artificial Intelligence May Start with Collaboration

Can We Properly Prepare for the Risks of Superintelligent AI?

Artificial Intelligence and Income Inequality

Is an AI Arms Race Inevitable?

Preparing for the Biggest Change in Human History

How Smart Can AI Get?

Can We Ensure Privacy in the Era of Big Data?

How Do We Align Artificial Intelligence with Human Values?

A Principled AI Discussion in Asilomar

Full Interviews with AI Researchers

This is list of interviews conducted with AI Researchers in which they express their opinions on a number of the Asilomar Principles:

Joshua Greene

Susan Craw

John C. Havens

Susan Schneider

Bart Selman

Patrick Lin

Toby Walsh

Dan Weld

Kay Firth-Butterfield

Stefano Ermon

Roman Yampolskiy

Francesca Rossi

Yoshua Bengio

Guruduth Banavar

Anca Dragan

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