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Carl Robichaud on Preventing Nuclear War

January 6, 2024

Carl Robichaud joins the podcast to discuss the new nuclear arms race, how much world leaders and ideologies matter for nuclear risk, and how to reach a stable, low-risk era. You can learn more about Carl's work here:

00:00 A new nuclear arms race
08:07 How much do world leaders matter?
18:04 How much does ideology matter?
22:14 Do nuclear weapons cause stable peace?
31:29 North Korea
34:01 Have we overestimated nuclear risk?
43:24 Time pressure in nuclear decisions
52:00 Why so many nuclear warheads?
1:02:17 Has containment been successful?
1:11:34 Coordination mechanisms
1:16:31 Technological innovations
1:25:57 Public perception of nuclear risk
1:29:52 Easier access to nuclear weapons
1:33:31 Reaching a stable, low-risk era


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