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Ajeya Cotra on Thinking Clearly in a Rapidly Changing World

November 10, 2022


Ajeya Cotra joins us to talk about thinking clearly in a rapidly changing world.

Learn more about the work of Ajeya and her colleagues.

00:00 Introduction
00:44 The default versus the accelerating picture of the future
04:25 The role of AI in accelerating change
06:48 Extrapolating economic growth
08:53 How do we know whether the pace of change is accelerating?
15:07 How can we cope with a rapidly changing world?
18:50 How could the future be utopian?
22:03 Is accelerating technological progress immoral?
25:43 Should we imagine concrete future scenarios?
31:15 How should we act in an accelerating world?
34:41 How Ajeya could be wrong about the future
41:41 What if change accelerates very rapidly?


Coming soon.

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