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Assorted Sunday Links #3

1. In the latest issue of Joint Force Quarterly, Randy Eshelman and Douglas Derrick call for the U.S. Department of Defense to conduct research on how “to temper goal-driven, autonomous agents with ethics.” They discuss AGI and superintelligence explicitly, citing Nick Bostrom, Eliezer Yudkowsky, and others. Eshelman is Deputy of the International Affairs and Policy

Assorted Sunday Links #2

Some links from the last few weeks—and some from the last few days—on what’s been happening in the world of existential risk: 1. The Open Philanthropy Project, a growing philanthropic force in the field of Global Catastrophic Risks, posts a summary of their work on GCRs over the last year, and their plans for the

Assorted Sunday Links #1

1. Robert de Neufville of the Global Catastrophic Risk Institute summarizes news from January in the world of Global Catastrophic Risks. 2. The Union of Concerned Scientists posts their nuclear threat-themed Cartoon of the Month. 3. The World Economic Forum releases their comprehensive report for 2015 of Global Risks. 4. Physics Today reports that ‘The