EA Global X Boston Conference

The first EA Global X conference, EAGxBoston, is being held at MIT on April 30th, 12:30-6:30pm. Boston EAs have created an incredible lineup bringing together a who’s who of researchers, EAs, EA orgs, and up-and-coming orgs including:
Dean Karlan (Yale, Innovations for Poverty Action)
Joshua Greene (Harvard, Moral Cognition Lab)
Rachel Glennerster (MIT, Poverty Action Lab)
Piali Mukhopadhyay (GiveDirectly)
Bruce Friedrich (The Good Food Institute)
Julia Wise (The Centre for Effective Altruism)
Ian Ross (Hampton Creek, Facebook)
Allison Smith (Animal Charity Evaluators)
Elizabeth Pearce (Boston University, Iodine Global Network)
Cher-Wen DeWitt (One Acre Fund)
Rhonda Zapatka (Trickle Up)
Elijah Goldberg (ImpactMatters)
Jason Ketola (MaxMind)
Lucia Sanchez (Innovations for Poverty Action)
Sharon Nunez Gough (Animal Equality)
Bruce Friedrich (The Good Food Institute, New Crop Capital)
Jon Camp (The Humane League)
Victoria Krakovna (Harvard, Future of Life Institute)
Eric Gastfriend (Harvard Business School EA, FLI, and formerly 80,000 Hours)
Dillon Bowen (Tufts EA, formerly 80,000 Hours and Giving What We Can)
Jason Trigg (earning-to-give at a startup and formerly as a hedge fund quant)
and more

The day will be filled with talks, panels, and networking opportunities. The program will address the major effective altruist cause areas of global health poverty and development, animal agriculture, and global catastrophic risk, as well as movement concerns like conducting research, building community, and choosing a career direction. We will also be introducing some up-and-coming organizations.

FLI’s Victoria Krakovna, Richard Mallah, and Lucas Perry participated in a panel about Global Catastrophic Risks.

More information and registration can be found on the conference website:

All proceeds after our minimum costs will be donated to EA charities. If you need a tax-receipt, please contact Randy Carlton <>. Please note that the early bird special ends on April 19th.

We have a limited amount of space, so if you’d like to join, please register today and share this invitation with interested friends via our Facebook group:

Let’s get together, and learn what we can do even better together!

EAGxBoston Team from MIT Sloan EA, MIT EA, Tufts EA, Harvard EA, HBS EA, Animal Charity Evaluators and The Commonwealth Market