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Cosmological Koans

A Journey to the Heart of Physical Reality

Anthony Aguirre
In this “playful and enchanting” book, FLI co-founder Anthony Aguirre explores the nature of reality, the universe, and the self. Aguirre presents the reader with 50 koans, Zen-inspired riddles designed to challenge the reader’s comfortably-held assumptions and beliefs. Aguirre weaves cosmology and physics with Eastern and Western philosophy to address topics like multiple universerses, quantum theory, and entropy. “What are the connections between our personal first person, self-centered view and the external physical world? In doing that investigation, I’m happy to jump to whatever historical intellectual foundations there are, whether it’s Zen or Western philosophy or Indian philosophy or whatever,” says Aguirre. “My effort is to touch on all of those at some level in investigating that set of questions.”
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