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AI Safety Summits

Governments are increasingly cooperating to ensure AI Safety. FLI supports and encourages these efforts.
Bletchley Park, the venue of the UK AI Safety Summit in 2023.

What are the AI Safety Summits?

AI Safety Summits are bi-annual international meetings hosted by States to discuss the safety and regulation of artificial intelligence, particularly advanced AI systems.

The first AI Safety Summit was convened by the United Kingdom at Bletchley Park in November 2023.

Following the second AI Safety Summit in Seoul on May 21-22 2024, France has been designated to host the third one in February 2025.

Why do the Summits matter?

Major companies are locked in a race to develop increasingly advanced AI systems, which can be misused by malicious groups to carry out cyber attacks on digital infrastructure or to create new biochemical weapons. These technological advances also risk consolidating power into the hands of a limited number of private companies. Government intervention and international coordination are essential to mitigate these risks.

Safety Summits are key opportunities for AI governance: they enable international cooperation on concrete outcomes. For example, one of the objectives of the first AI Safety Summit was to develop a global shared understanding of the risks posed by advanced AI systems. As a result, an international expert panel drafted the International AI Safety Report: an up-to-date scientific report on the safety of advanced AI systems.

What is FLI's engagement with the Summits?

In the run up to the Summits, FLI supports the hosts and other participating countries with key insights on AI progress and recommendations on how to improve cooperation around AI safety.

FLI Recommendations for the UK AI Safety Summit

September 2023

In the the run-up to the United Kingdom’s AI Safety Summit, held at Bletchley Park on November 1st and 2nd 2023, FLI produced and published a document outlining key recommendations. These include:

  • A proposed Declaration on AI Safety, for attendees to sign.
  • Key recommendations of specific governments in advance of the Summit.
  • A proposed Summit agenda, with crucial topics to include.
  • A post-Summit roadmap, which outlined necessary actions to be taken after the event.

View recommendations

FLI Scorecard and Safety Standards Policy

October 2023

FLI also produced a scorecard to map the governance landscape heading into the UK AI Safety Summit, and a Safety Standards Policy (SSP) which provides a regulatory framework for robust safety standards, measures and oversight.

View scorecard and policy

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