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Samuel Hammond on AGI and Institutional Disruption

20 October, 2023

Samuel Hammond joins the podcast to discuss how AGI will transform economies, governments, institutions, and other power structures.

00:00 Is AGI close?
06:56 Compute versus data
09:59 Information theory
20:36 Universality of learning
24:53 Hards steps in evolution
30:30 Governments and advanced AI
40:33 How will AI transform the economy?
55:26 How will AI change transaction costs?
1:00:31 Isolated thinking about AI
1:09:43 AI and Leviathan
1:13:01 Informational resolution
1:18:36 Open-source AI
1:21:24 AI will decrease state power
1:33:17 Timeline of a techno-feudalist future
1:40:28 Alignment difficulty and AI scale
1:45:19 Solving robotics
1:54:40 A constrained Leviathan
1:57:41 An Apollo Project for AI safety
2:04:29 Secure "gain-of-function" AI research
2:06:43 Is the market expecting AGI soon?

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