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Robert Trager on International AI Governance and Cybersecurity at AI Companies

20 August, 2023

Robert Trager joins the podcast to discuss international AI governance, the incentives of governments and companies, the track record of international regulation, the security dilemma in AI, cybersecurity at AI companies, and skepticism about AI governance. We also discuss Robert's forthcoming paper International Governance of Civilian AI: A Jurisdictional Certification Approach. You can read more about Robert's work at

00:00 The goals of AI governance
08:38 Incentives of governments and companies
18:58 Benefits of regulatory diversity
28:50 The track record of anticipatory regulation
37:55 The security dilemma in AI
46:20 Offense-defense balance in AI
53:27 Failure rates and international agreements
1:00:33 Verification of compliance
1:07:50 Controlling AI supply chains
1:13:47 Cybersecurity at AI companies
1:21:30 The jurisdictional certification approach
1:28:40 Objections to AI governance

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