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Neel Nanda on Math, Tech Progress, Aging, Living up to Our Values, and Generative AI

February 23, 2023

Neel Nanda joins the podcast for a lightning round on mathematics, technological progress, aging, living up to our values, and generative AI. You can find his blog here. 


00:00 Introduction
00:55 How useful is advanced mathematics?
02:24 Will AI replace mathematicians?
03:28 What are the key drivers of tech progress?
04:13 What scientific discovery would disrupt Neel's worldview?
05:59 How should humanity view aging?
08:03 How can we live up to our values?
10:56 What can we learn from a person who lived 1.000 years ago?
12:05 What should we do after we have aligned AGI?
16:19 What important concept is often misunderstood?
17:22 What is the most impressive scientific discovery?
18:08 Are language models better learning tools that textbooks?
21:22 Should settling Mars be a priority for humanity?
22:44 How can we focus on our work?
24:04 Are human-AI relationships morally okay?
25:18 Are there aliens in the universe?
26:02 What are Neel's favourite books?
27:15 What is an overlooked positive aspect of humanity?
28:33 Should people spend more time prepping for disaster?
30:41 Neel's advice for teens.
31:55 How will generative AI evolve over the next five years?
32:56 How much can AIs achieve through a web browser?


Coming soon.

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