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Maryanna Saenko on Venture Capital, Philanthropy, and Ethical Technology

April 27, 2023

Maryanna Saenko joins the podcast to discuss how venture capital works, how to fund innovation, and what the fields of investing and philanthropy could learn from each other. You can read more about Maryanna's work here.


00:00 How does venture capital work?
09:01 Failure and success for startups
13:22 Is overconfidence necessary?
19:20 Repeat entrepreneurs
24:38 Long-term investing
30:36 Feedback loops from investments
35:05 Timing investments
38:35 The hardware-software dichotomy
42:19 Innovation prizes
45:43 VC lessons for philanthropy
51:03 Creating new markets
54:01 Investing versus philanthropy
56:14 Technology preying on human frailty
1:00:55 Are good ideas getting harder to find?
1:06:17 Artificial intelligence
1:12:41 Funding ethics research
1:14:25 Is philosophy useful?


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