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Liron Shapira on Superintelligence Goals

19 April, 2024

Liron Shapira joins the podcast to discuss superintelligence goals, what makes AI different from other technologies, risks from centralizing power, and whether AI can defend us from AI.

00:00 Intelligence as optimization-power
05:18 Will LLMs imitate human values?
07:15 Why would AI develop dangerous goals?
09:55 Goal-completeness
12:53 Alignment to which values?
22:12 Is AI just another technology?
31:20 What is FOOM?
38:59 Risks from centralized power
49:18 Can AI defend us against AI?
56:28 An Apollo program for AI safety
01:04:49 Do we only have one chance?
01:07:34 Are we living in a crucial time?
01:16:52 Would superintelligence be fragile?
01:21:42 Would human-inspired AI be safe?

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