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Johannes Ackva on Managing Climate Change

September 21, 2023

Johannes Ackva joins the podcast to discuss the main drivers of climate change and our best technological and governmental options for managing it. You can read more about Johannes' work here.

00:00 Johannes's journey as an environmentalist
13:21 The drivers of climate change
23:00 Oil, coal, and gas
38:05 Solar, wind, and hydro
49:34 Nuclear energy
57:03 Geothermal energy
1:00:41 Most promising technologies
1:05:40 Government subsidies
1:13:28 Carbon taxation
1:17:10 Planting trees
1:21:53 Influencing government policy
1:26:39 Different climate scenarios
1:34:49 Economic growth and emissions
1:37:23 Social stability

Emissions by sector
Energy density of different energy sources
Emissions forecasts
Risk management
Carbon pricing
Why not simply plant trees?
Decoupling of economic growth and emissions
Premature deaths from air pollution


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