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Dan Hendrycks on Catastrophic AI Risks

November 3, 2023

Dan Hendrycks joins the podcast again to discuss, how AI risk thinking has evolved, malicious use of AI, AI race dynamics between companies and between militaries, making AI organizations safer, and how representation engineering could help us understand AI traits like deception.

00:00 - Elon Musk's new AI venture
02:41 How AI risk thinking has evolved
12:58 AI bioengeneering
19:16 AI agents
24:55 Preventing autocracy
34:11 AI race - corporations and militaries
48:04 Bulletproofing AI organizations
1:07:51 Open-source models
1:15:35 Dan's textbook on AI safety
1:22:58 Rogue AI
1:28:09 LLMs and value specification
1:33:14 AI goal drift
1:41:10 Power-seeking AI
1:52:07 AI deception
1:57:53 Representation engineering


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