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Anders Sandberg on Grand Futures and the Limits of Physics

December 22, 2022


Anders Sandberg joins the podcast to discuss how big the future could be and what humanity could achieve at the limits of physics.


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00:58 Does it make sense to write long books now?
06:53 Is it possible to understand all of science now?
10:44 What is exploratory engineering?
15:48 Will humanity develop a completed science?
21:18 How much of possible technology has humanity already invented?
25:22 Which sciences have made the most progress?
29:11 How materially wealthy could humanity become?
39:34 Does a grand futures depend on space travel?
49:16 Trade between proponents of different moral theories
53:13 How does physics limit our ethical options?
55:24 How much could our understanding of physics change?
1:02:30 The next episode


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