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2020 has been a disastrous year.  We’ve been reminded that terrible things can happen on a global scale, and we’ve been unpleasantly surprised by the inadequacy of our civilization’s response.

And the sad truth is that it did not have to be quite this bad: we could have been much better prepared to mitigate or even prevent some of the disasters we’re seeing.  How did we get here? Niel deGrasse Tyson quipped, “You know it’s true… Every disaster movie begins with a scientist being ignored.”

So when scientists look farther into the future, what keeps them up at night? Synthesized plagues. Nuclear Armageddon. AI-enabled dystopia. Possibilities that make COVID-19 look mild in comparison.  

FLI is one of just a handful of organizations that works to prevent these truly global catastrophic risks. But we really need your help.

While we’re fortunate to have received some large donations, those donations are typically designated for specific projects and/or re-granted as research grants, leaving very little general purpose funding. (If you’re interested in how our funding is allocated, please see our annual reports: 2015201620172018).

Please consider donating today, so that there is literally a tomorrow.  Only half joking here.

Our Mission

We are a charity and outreach organization working to ensure that tomorrow’s most powerful technologies are beneficial for humanity. With less powerful technologies such as fire, we learned to minimize risks largely by learning from mistakes. With more powerful technologies such as nuclear weapons, synthetic biology and future strong artificial intelligence, planning ahead is a better strategy than learning from mistakes, so we support research, education and other efforts aimed at avoiding problems in the first place.


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If you would prefer to donate using a cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin, Bitcoin cash, Ethereum or Litecoin, please use the following button:

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Where will your donation go?

  • Facilitating research and education to keep AI safe and beneficial.
  • Reducing the risk of nuclear war 
  • Creating and implementing international standards and laws around lethal autonomous weapons
  • Keeping FLI alive by supporting our day-to-day operations that our current project-focused donations don’t cover
  • Creating more podcasts that take a deep-dive into subjects related to existential threats
  • Writing more in-depth articles about the various issues and the work being done to solve them
  • Developing educational graphics to help visualize threats and solutions
  • Developing a new video series about existential risks and expanding our Youtube
  • Expanding and improving our website
  • Broadening global awareness about the increasing threats we face and how to address them
  • Supporting people and groups who are working on solutions to these threats
  • Steering us toward a future more beneficial for all

FLI is a 501c(3) non-profit organization, so your donations will be tax exempt in the United States. If you need our organization number (EIN) for your tax return, it\’s 47-1052538.

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