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Future of Life Institute Statement on the Pope’s G7 AI Speech

Max Tegmark provides a response to the Pope's remarks on autonomous weapons to G7 leaders.
June 18, 2024
Max Tegmark
Pope Francis addressing G7 leaders in Puglia, Italy. Source: Vatican News

CAMBRIDGE, MA – Future of Life Institute (FLI) President and Co-Founder Max Tegmark today released the following statement after the Pope gave a speech at the G7 in Italy, raising the alarm about the risks of out-of-control AI development.

“The Future of Life Institute strongly supports the Pope’s call at the G7 for urgent political action to ensure artificial intelligence acts in service of humanity. This includes banning lethal autonomous weapons and ensuring that future AI systems stay under human control. I urge the leaders of the G7 nations to set an example for the rest of the world, enacting standards that keep future powerful AI systems safe, ethical, reliable, and beneficial.”

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