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The Future of Life Institute is an independent non-profit organisation funded by a range of individuals and organisations who share our desire to reduce global catastrophic and existential risk from powerful technologies.

We are deeply grateful to the individuals who have made more than 1,500 donations to FLI since its founding in 2014. With the exception of Jaan Tallinn, who has served on FLI’s Board of Directors since its founding, these donors do not influence FLI’s positions, which are decided by our five-member Board of Directors and internal FLI teams based on the latest academic research and input from conferences and consultations.

FLI is a mission-driven organisation and continually aims to diversify its funding.

EU Transparency Register

Our entry to the EU Transparency Register includes key information about our activities in the EU and our funding sources:
EU Transparency Register


If you would like to donate to the Future of Life Institute, you can do so here:

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