Jaan Tallinn on Avoiding Civilizational Pitfalls and Surviving the 21st Century

  • Intelligence and coordination
  • Existential risk from AI, synthetic biology, and unknown unknowns
  • AI adoption as a delegation process
  • Jaan’s investments and philanthropic efforts
  • International coordination and incentive structures
  • The short-term and long-term AI safety communities

1:02:43 Collective, institutional, and interpersonal coordination

1:05:23 The benefits and risks of longevity research

1:08:29 The long-term and short-term AI safety communities and their relationship with one another

1:12:35 Jaan’s current philanthropic efforts

1:16:28 Software as a philanthropic target

1:19:03 How do we move towards beneficial futures with AI?

1:22:30 An idea Jaan finds meaningful

1:23:33 Final thoughts from Jaan

1:25:27 Where to find Jaan