80,000 Hours with Rob Wiblin and Brenton Mayer

If you want to improve the world as much as possible, what should you do with your career? Should you become a doctor, an engineer or a politician? Should you try to end global poverty, climate change, or international conflict? These are the questions that the research group, 80,000 Hours tries to answer. They try to figure out how individuals can set themselves up to help as many people as possible in as big a way as possible.

To learn more about their research, Ariel invited Rob Wiblin and Brenton Mayer of 80,000 Hours to the FLI podcast. In this podcast we discuss “earning to give”, building career capital, the most effective ways for individuals to help solve the world’s most pressing problems — including artificial intelligence, nuclear weapons, biotechnology and climate change. If you’re interested in tackling these problems, or simply want to learn more about them, this podcast is the perfect place to start.