Pentagon Seeks $12 -$15 Billion for AI Weapons Research

The news this month is full of stories about money pouring into AI research. First we got the news about the $15 million granted to the new Leverhulme Center for the Future of Intelligence. Then Elon Musk and friends dropped the news about launching OpenAI to the tune of $1 billion, promising that this would be a not-for-profit company committed to safe AI and improving the world. But that all pales in comparison to the $12-$15 billion that the Pentagon is requesting for the development of AI weapons.

According to Reuters, “The Pentagon’s fiscal 2017 budget request will include $12 billion to $15 billion to fund war gaming, experimentation and the demonstration of new technologies aimed at ensuring a continued military edge over China and Russia.” The military is looking to develop more advanced weapons technologies that will include autonomous weapons and deep learning machines.

While the research itself would be strictly classified, the military wants to ensure that countries like China and Russia know this advanced weapons research is taking place.

“I want our competitors to wonder what’s behind the black curtain,” Deputy Defense Secretary Robert Work said.

The United States will continue to try to develop positive relations with Russia and China, but Work believes AI weapons R&D will help strengthen deterrence.

Read the full Reuters article here.



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  1. Mindey
    Mindey says:

    So, how do we define the word “safety”? It is mentioned in many places, e.g., description of what OpenAI, and I’m sure, each nation’s national security agencies will have their own definitions. We are all investing into it. How do we define it?

    Obviously, safety is what ascertains achievement of goals. Without knowing goals, we have no practical definition of safety.

  2. Someone
    Someone says:

    who cares about “safety”? regardless of whether they disobey their owners, these will be incredibly dangerous weapons.

  3. Christian Baker
    Christian Baker says:

    The good thing is that _true_ AGI will not rule over anybody and not bomb anybody. It will not obey the political and economic assclowns who are in charge all over the world. Also AGI is no weapon … just as a Zen Master is no weapon … the only existential risk out there is humanity itself and our ego and unconsciousness … our broken monetary system and capitalism …

  4. The Emperor
    The Emperor says:

    I will use this advancement to create great technological constructions to dominate this pathetic world and liberate it from its ignorance. I will build great droid army’s and send them into battles;heartless soldiers that will not relent until i give the command.

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