From CNN: The Rise of the Killer Robots

Last week, CNN published an article by AI expert Toby Walsh, about the rise of autonomous weapons entitled, The Rise of the Killer Robots — and Why We Need to Stop Them.

In the article, he highlights five major concerns:

  1. “Killer robots are near.”
  2. “There will be an arms race.”
  3. “Killer robots will proliferate.”
  4. “Killer robots will be killing lots of civilians.”
  5. “Killer robots will be hard to regulate.”

Read the full article on CNN to for more details about each of these concerns.

Toby Walsh is an AI professor at the University of New South Wales. He’s concerned about the proliferation of autonomous weapons without regulation, and he helped release an open letter warning about the risks of AI. The letter is hosted on FLI and has received over 20,000 signatures to date. If you haven’t signed it yet, please consider reading it and adding your name.