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Roman Yampolskiy on Shoggoth, Scaling Laws, and Evidence for AI being Uncontrollable

2 February, 2024

Roman Yampolskiy joins the podcast again to discuss whether AI is like a Shoggoth, whether scaling laws will hold for more agent-like AIs, evidence that AI is uncontrollable, and whether designing human-like AI would be safer than the current development path. You can read more about Roman's work at

00:00 Is AI like a Shoggoth?
09:50 Scaling laws
16:41 Are humans more general than AIs?
21:54 Are AI models explainable?
27:49 Using AI to explain AI
32:36 Evidence for AI being uncontrollable
40:29 AI verifiability
46:08 Will AI be aligned by default?
54:29 Creating human-like AI
1:03:41 Robotics and safety
1:09:01 Obstacles to AI in the economy
1:18:00 AI innovation with current models
1:23:55 AI accidents in the past and future

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