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Robin Hanson on Grabby Aliens and When Humanity Will Meet Them

November 17, 2022

Robin Hanson joins the podcast to explain his theory of grabby aliens and its implications for the future of humanity.

Learn more about the theory here

00:00 Introduction
00:49 Why should we care about aliens?
05:58 Loud alien civilizations and quiet alien civilizations
08:16 Why would some alien civilizations be quiet?
14:50 The moving parts of the grabby aliens model
23:57 Why is humanity early in the universe?
28:46 Could't we just be alone in the universe?
33:15 When will humanity expand into space?
46:05 Will humanity be more advanced than the aliens we meet?
49:32 What if we discovered aliens tomorrow?
53:44 Should the way we think about aliens change our actions?
57:48 Can we reasonably theorize about aliens?
53:39 The next episode


Coming soon.

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