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Powerful technologies bring grand opportunities – and challenges. Our focus as an organisation is on addressing the most extreme risks posed by transformative technologies, and on steering the development and use of these technologies to benefit life. We do this primarily through educational outreach, grantmaking for risk reduction, and policy advocacy in the United States, European Union, and United Nations.

At FLI, our list of project ideas is longer than the number of hours we have in a day. Donations enable us to grow and execute more of them. Below is an overview of the kind of work we have done so far and the types of projects your donations would help support.

Outreach Efforts

FLI produces educational content about the benefits and risks of transformative technologies. Our outreach team produces a popular podcast, has produced powerful videos (‘Slaughterbots‘ and ‘if human: kill()‘) in support of a UN treaty on autonomous weapons, and has recently run a contest to solicit wider society’s ideas about what a positive future with artificial intelligence might look like.”

Policy Efforts

FLI leads and participates in numerous efforts to improve the governance of transformative technologies, with a particular focus on artificial intelligence. Our activities have ranged from the development of the 2017 Asilomar AI Principles, signed by thousands of leading minds in AI and Robotics, to supporting the UN Secretary General as the civil society “champion” on AI recommendations in the 2020 Digital Cooperation Roadmap. We have also organized open letters in support of UN efforts to reduce the risk of nuclear war and of limits on autonomous weapons, both signed by thousands of scientists and AI researchers respectively. Our policy work page provides a more comprehensive overview, including the positions we stand for.


FLI helped kickstart AI safety research by launching the first peer-reviewed AI safety grant program. This program was aimed at figuring out how artificial intelligence can be safe, ethical and beneficial. In 2021, we launched a $25M grant program aimed at reducing the most extreme risks, so-called “existential risks.” While some of this funding will go towards supporting AI safety research, we plan to use this round to fund a broader range of initiatives and research projects.

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