MIRI News: September 2015

[ Rob Bensinger is the Outreach Coordinator of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), a research nonprofit studying the technical questions raised by the prospect of smarter-than-human autonomous AI. MIRI’s researchers are among the recipients of the 2015 Future of Life Institute project grants in AI. ]

MIRI’s September Newsletter collects recent news and links related to the long-term impact of artificial intelligence. Some highlights:

— As part of MIRI’s Summer Fundraiser, Nate Soares and I wrote a series of blog posts discussing MIRI’s strategy and new developments in the AI safety community, including An Astounding Year, When AI Accelerates AIMIRI’s ApproachAssessing Our Past and Potential Impact, and AI and Effective Altruism.

— GiveWell’s Open Philanthropy Project publishes its initial review of potential risks from advanced artificial intelligence.

— At AI Impacts, data scientist Sarah Constantin discusses strategic implications of the possibility that “strong AI is a long-term rather than a short-term risk”: “Influencing current leading players is not particularly important; promoting basic research is very important; disseminating information and transmitting culture to future generations, as well as building new institutions, is the most effective way to prepare for AI advances decades from now.”

— “Robots aren’t taking your jobs— and that’s the problem.” Matthew Yglesias of Vox writes, “We’re so busy worrying about how to counteract an imaginary, robot-driven productivity surge that we’re barely paying attention to the real story of the productivity slowdown.”