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From the MIRI Blog: “Formalizing Convergent Instrumental Goals”

Tsvi Benson-Tilsen, a MIRI associate and UC Berkeley PhD candidate, has written a paper with contributions from MIRI Executive Director Nate Soares on strategies that will tend to be useful for most possible ends: “Formalizing convergent instrumental goals.” The paper will be presented as a poster at the AAAI-16 AI, Ethics and Society workshop. Steve […]

What to think about machines that think

From MIRI: In January, nearly 200 public intellectuals submitted essays in response to the 2015 Edge.org question, “What Do You Think About Machines That Think?” (available online). The essay prompt began: In recent years, the 1980s-era philosophical discussions about artificial intelligence (AI)—whether computers can “really” think, refer, be conscious, and so on—have led to new […]

MIRI News: October 2015

MIRI’s October Newsletter collects recent news and links related to the long-term impact of artificial intelligence. Highlights: — New introductory material on MIRI can be found on our information page. — An Open Philanthropy Project update discusses investigations into global catastrophic risk and U.S. policy reform. — “Research Suggests Human Brain Is 30 Times As […]