National and International AI Strategies

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Below is a list of countries and international organizations that have established strategies and initiatives regarding artificial intelligence. You can find a collection of AI resources for further reading here, and an overview of AI policy challenges and recommendations here.

This page is a work in progress and will continue to be updated. If you have feedback or information about national or international AI developments that should be included here, please send a short description to

International Strategies

National Strategies

  • Argentina: The Argentinian ministry of education, culture, science and technology is developing a national AI plan.
  • Australia: Australia has dedicated $29.9 million in the country’s annual budget to promote and guide the development of AI.
  • Austria: Austria has an advisory Robot Council that is developing a national AI strategy.
  • Brazil: Brazil is creating eight AI laboratories and has adopted the OECD AI Principles.
  • Canada: Canada has a national AI strategy called the Pan-Canadian Artificial Intelligence Strategy.
  • Chile: Chile created an expert committee that is developing a National AI Policy.
  • China: China has a national AI strategy, defined under the “New Generation Artificial Intelligence Development Plan.”
  • Denmark: Denmark has a digital strategy that includes a focus on AI along with other technologies.
  • Estonia: Estonia is developing a legal framework for the use of AI in its country, including a bill on AI liability.
  • Finland: Finland has an Artificial Intelligence Programme guided by a steering group under the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment.
  • France: France has a national strategy for AI called “AI for Humanity,” which is outlined in the “Villani Report”.
  • Germany: The German Government adopted its Artificial Intelligence Strategy in November 2018.
  • India: India defined a national policy on AI in a working paper titled, “National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence #AIforAll.”
  • Ireland: The Irish government has hosted AI workshops and launched a national AI Masters program.
  • Italy: Italy has an interdisciplinary AI Task Force launched by the Agency for Digital Italy.
  • Japan: Japan has an “Artificial Intelligence Technology Strategy” and has also included AI in its “integrated innovation strategy.”
  • Kenya: The Kenyan government created a Blockchain & Artificial Intelligence task force.
  • Lithuania: The Lithuanian Artificial Intelligence Strategy was released April 2019.
  • Malaysia: The Malaysian government is developing a National Artificial Intelligence Framework, and establishing Digital Transformation Labs.
  • Mexico: The Mexican government supported the creation of the white paper, “Towards an AI Strategy in Mexico: Harnessing the AI Revolution.”
  • Netherlands: The Netherlands launched the Strategic Action Plan for Artificial Intelligence in October 2019.
  • New Zealand: New Zealand has an AI Forum to connect and advance the country’s AI ecosystem.
  • Norway: Norway published a National Strategy for Artificial Intelligence in January 2020.
  • Poland: Poland launched the Artificial Intelligence Development Policy in Poland for 2019–2027.
  • Russia: The President of the Russian Federation released a national AI strategy in October 2019.
  • Saudi Arabia: Saudi Arabia established a government agency called the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority in August 2019.
  • Serbia: The Government of the Republic of Serbia adopted the Strategy for the Development of Artificial Intelligence in the Republic of Serbia.
  • Singapore: Singapore launched a National AI Strategy in November 2019 and has a national AI program called AI Singapore.
  • South Korea: South Korea has an Artificial Intelligence Information Industry Development Strategy.
  • Spain: Spain published an AI RDI strategy March 2019.
  • Sweden: The Swedish government has released a “National Approach for Artificial Intelligence.”
  • Tunisia: Tunisia has created an AI Task Force and Steering Committee to develop a national AI strategy.
  • United Arab Emirates: The UAE has a national strategy for AI and was the first country to name an AI Minister.
  • United States of America: The US launched the American AI Initiative February 2019.
  • United Kingdom: The UK government launched a Sector Deal for AI to advance the UK’s ambitions in AI consistent with its Industrial Strategy, and taking into account the advice of the Parliament’s Select Committee on AI.
  • Uruguay: Uruguay’s industry, mining and energy ministry launched a public consultation of Artificial Intelligence for the Digital Government in April 2019 and is developing a strategy based upon its findings.