AI Safety Research

Moshe Vardi

Computer Scientist, Professor

Department of Computer Science

Rice University

Project: Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work

Amount Recommended:    $69,000

Project Summary

We propose to hold a one-day summit (in spring 2017) at Washington, DC, on the subject of artificial intelligence (broadly conceived) and the future of work. The goal is to put this issue on the national agenda in an informed and deliberate manner rather than the typically-alarmist and over-the-top accounts disseminated by the mainstream media. The location is important to ensure attendance by policy makers and leaders of funding agencies. The summit will bring together leading technologists, economists, sociologists, and humanists, who will offer the views on where technology is going, what its impact may be, and what research issues are raised by these projections.

The summit will be sponsored by the Computing Research Association (CRA), whose Government Affairs Committee has extensive experience of reaching out to policy makers. We will also reach out to other relevant societies, such as US-ACM, and AAAS.